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Is It Possible to Rent a Car in Turkey Without Credit Card


With the car rental service, people get rid of the hassle of public transportation by renting vehicles suitable for their needs. If you need a personal vehicle for your business trips or other events besides your holidays, you can benefit from corporate rental services. So, is it possible to rent a car in Turkey without a credit card?


Is It Possible to Rent A Car in Cash or by Debit Card?

Since car rental companies generally take payment by credit card, they do not give cars to people who do not have a credit card. Therefore, the majority of corporate companies in the sector accept credit cards. However, considering that not everyone has a credit card, a limited number of companies help those who want to pay with a debit card or cash in car rental.


Why is a Credit Card Required for Car Rental?

With the development of the banking system, there are now customer-oriented systems. Previously, the rental was done in cash, but the transition to the rental process took a long time as some procedures took too much time. In many parts of the world, a credit card is seen as a security. Hence, car rental companies only give cars to people with credit cards for security reasons. To sum up briefly, there is a credit card requirement to collect payments other than rent due to unexpected reasons such as damage, fuel, traffic fines and extended rental period.


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