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Things to Do in Muğla


Muğla is located within the borders of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, but it is among the most touristic cities of Turkey. It manages to attract many tourists with its natural beauties, historical background and fascinating landscapes. You can visit different places and participate in various activities to make your trip even more colorful.


Visit Oludeniz

Oludeniz, which is famous around the world, has the appearance of a hidden paradise. If you are looking for an activity to do, you can visit this magnificent place in Fethiye district of Muğla and have the opportunity to swim in its turquoise waters. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can also enjoy paragliding.


Meet with Unique Views in Kabak Cove

Kabak Cove is located in Faralya Village, within the red pine forests. To spend some peaceful time in nature, you can add this untouched magnificent place to your list of places to visit.


Visit Butterfly Valley 

Butterfly Valley is located close to Oludeniz. You can see almost all butterfly species living on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea here. To collect unforgettable memories, you can go to one of the waterfalls in the Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz Turkey.


Hidden City (Saklikent)- Saklikent National Park

For a fresh atmosphere, you can go to Saklikent Canyon. You can walk in the ice-cold waters of the canyon and spend a peaceful time. This is one of the places to be seen in Muğla as a natural wonder place.


Bodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary

If you love birds or are looking for a great activity for your children, you can visit Bodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary. Here you can see 125 different bird species, including flamingos.


Visit Ancient Cities

When you think of Muğla, the first thing that comes to your mind is sand, sun and sea, but the city is one of Turkey's leading cities in terms of cultural tourism. Here are some of the ancient cities we have listed for you.

  • Stratoniceia

  • Letoon

  • Knidos

  • Iassos

  • Kaunos

  • Kedrai

Muğla, as the most important tourism center, manages to fascinate tourists in every respect. By renting a car at  Avec Rent a Car,  you can travel around the city in the best way possible.


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