When does the driver's license renewal period end?

If you have a driver's license issued before January 1, 2016, according to the new regulation, you must replace this old type of driver's license with a newly issued chip driver's license. In fact, the date for renewing old-type driver's licenses was initially shown as 31 December 2020, but then it was decided to extend this process for 2 more years, considering that there are too many license holders and the problems that may occur during the driver's license renewal process. And the answer to the question of when the driver's license renewal period ends is December 31, 2022. If you still have not renewed your driver's license, you have until the end of 2022 to renew your license. After this date, old driver's licenses will completely lose their validity and transition to new chip driver's licenses will be provided. How to get a new driver's license? New driving licenses were started to be obtained by individuals with old driving licenses from the beginning of 2016 and new driving licenses were given to those who would get new driving licenses. If you still have not renewed your driver's license, you can also make your appointment through the internet address randevu.nvi.gow.tr to make an appointment through the Population and Citizenship Affairs Alo 199 or online. You can also go and perform your transactions without making an appointment. When you make an appointment, you can take care of your transactions in a shorter time by going there at the appointment time, while when you do not make an appointment, your transactions, more precisely, your waiting time may be longer and you may experience a loss of time.  The required documents are as follows; At least one of your identity card or passport must be valid. Driver's medical report 1 biometric photograph (5 * 6 measurements, the background must be white.) Document indicating your blood type Criminal record certificate (you can access it via e-Government.) Certificate of education Driver's certificate or your old driver's license A receipt showing that a certain amount of money for your new identity has been paid through tax offices or banks for a fee of 15 TL. Here, 13 TL is for the paper and 2 TL is the foundation fee. One of the points you should pay attention to is that the biometric photo, which is one of the requirements, has been taken within the last 6 months, complies with the specifications specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization and it is of great importance that it is biometric. After the photo is given to the authorized person, the photo is scanned and saved to the system on the computer and the photo is returned to the owner. Here, the photo is used with the scanning method. You should also know that non-biometric or photocopied photos that are reproduced on the computer are not accepted. If you are getting a driver's license for the first time; Driver's License document (from the drivers' chamber) At least one of the identity card, passport or lawyer ID must be with you. Driver's health report document A certain amount of money is required under the name of driver's license fee.  The content of this is the money paid for the driver's license valuable paper fee and the money paid for the driver's license service (foundation share) fee. You can pay through the tax offices or you can also use the contracted banks here. Do not forget to provide the receipt of your payment 1 biometric photograph. Here the photo is scanned and saved in the system and then the photo is returned to you. You will need a document or a signed declaration stating your blood type.