Silver Ion Bacterial Cleaning Period at Avec Rent A Car

Avec Rent A Car, who provides service with the mentality of "Your preference is our priority" in the car rentals industry where customers' first demand is the cleanliness of the vehicle and where there is an intense competition, in order to satisfy its customers' expectations did not content itself with standard cleaning endeavours and with a big investment produced a solution that uses cutting-edge technology. The company applies the"Silver Ion Bacterial Cleaning"technique to all of the vehicles in its fleet to eradicate viruses, bacteria, and fungi that might be in the vehicles and to prevent their growth again for 6 months.

Avec Car Rentals who broke new ground in the industry with this privileged service protects its customers' health even from invisible threats.

Silver ion bacteria cleaning is done before each rental.

  • Kills the virus, bacteria and the funghi and prevents reoccuring
  • Pulls airborne pathogens and wibes them out.
  • Privides protection for up 6 months with silver ion effect
  • Does not contain alcohol,antibiotics and chemicals. 

Having begun providing service within the body of Avek Automotive since 2015 and offering solutions for daily car rental needs in 11 branch offices with its Trabzon branch which will be opened soon, Avec Car Rentals is leading the way to satisfy its customers' expectations at top level.

Avec Rent A Car is continuing its investments in the industry at top speed by opening the Trabzon Office these days besides the other offices in Istanbul Tekstilkent (Avek Automotive), Istanbul Umraniye (Avek Automotive), Ataturk Airport Domestic and International Terminals, Ankara Esenboga Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, Antalya Office, Canakkale (Avek Automotive), Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport and Bodrum Milas Airport.

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