Avec is the Advantageous Address for Long Term Rentals!

You can take advantage of long-term rental prices valid until the end of March.

*The campaign is valid for monthly rentals starting in October and November and fixed prices are valid until 31.03.2024 at 23:59.

Advantages of Monthly Car Rental from AVEC
- Your vehicle is delivered with a simple and fast reservation process.
- You can easily choose the vehicle that suits you from a wide range of fleet and model options.
- All your planned and unplanned maintenance is carried out by AVEC. This way, you save on maintenance and other unexpected costs.
- You do not have to deal with insurance and insurance procedures. You save on insurance and insurance costs.
- You do not have to pay Motor Vehicle Tax.
- You can show the rent you have paid as an expense and get a discount on the corporate tax base.
- Your tire changes are made by AVEC in a timely and fast manner.
- You can use the advantage of substitute vehicle after vehicle service, accident or breakdown.
- Thanks to its fully authorized service-maintained fleet, you will experience comfort to the fullest.
- You benefit from special campaigns and opportunities for monthly car rental.
- You get 24/7 uninterrupted service.