Discover Monthly Car Rental Deals

At AVEC Rent a Car, we offer daily and weekly car rental options as well as monthly car rental options to offer you a first-class car rental experience. If you are looking for a 30-day or longer rental car, affordable prices and many other advantages for your individual and corporate needs are waiting for you at AVEC Rent a Car. You can find the latest vehicles for your needs in every segment at AVEC. We are constantly renewing our vehicle fleet to offer our customers the best experience. So much so that you can be the first to rent one of our zero km. vehicles in some of your reservations.   For your comfort and safety, our entire fleet is maintained at authorized services. In summary, we will take care of everything related to the car you rent from Avec, you just focus on your own needs. How do I rent a car? You can send us your monthly car rental requests via our call center at 444 0 556, AVEC Rent a Car Offices and the monthly car rental form on our website. Once we receive your request, we will respond to your request within 24 hours at the latest. You will first receive an advantageous 6-month monthly car rental offer from AVEC. After this 6-month lease, we will continue the car rental process by working on the current vehicle / price again. Advantages of Monthly Car Rental from AVEC - Your car will be delivered with a simple and fast reservation process. - You can easily choose your suitable vehicle from a wide range of fleet and model options. - All your planned and unplanned maintenance is done by AVEC. This way, you save on maintenance and other unexpected costs. - You do not have to deal with insurance and insurance procedures. You save on insurance and insurance costs. - You do not have to pay Motor Vehicle Tax. - You can show the rent you have paid as an expense and get a discount on the corporate tax base. - Your tire changes are made by AVEC in a timely and fast manner. - You can use the advantage of substitute vehicle after vehicle service, accident or breakdown. - Thanks to its fully authorized service-maintained fleet, you will experience comfort to the fullest. - You benefit from special campaigns and opportunities for monthly car rental. - You get 24/7 uninterrupted service.  Monthly Car Rental Conditions - Financial analysis report is evaluated before the monthly car rental contract is created. - In corporate committed contracts, collateral is provided with DBS, letter of guarantee, vinov methods. - In individual monthly car rental agreements, the collateral fee and rental fees are collected with the credit card of the person to be rented. - In monthly car rental contracts, the vehicle is expected to be delivered on the end date of the lease. Penal terms will be applied in case of non-delivery. - For more information, you can visit our rental conditions page.