Is There a Penalty for Running a Yellow Light?

Traffic lights are a system that regulates traffic along the road and is still applied today as a very necessary system in terms of safety for both vehicle drivers and pedestrians. The first traffic light system was installed in London in 1868. Traffic lights are a system with 3 colors, shapes and writings on it, but it appears as a system that is compulsory to comply with by ensuring the safety of everyone in traffic. Is it a Violation to Cross a Yellow Light? In addition to simple traffic lights, there are also audible traffic lights used especially in big cities. They have the universally accepted colors red, yellow and green. In these systems, the colors flash in sequence and for a certain period of time, asking you to pass or stop. Each color has a meaning. Running a red light means that a fine will be imposed. Well, the important question for vehicle drivers is, is there a penalty for running a yellow light? Is there a penalty for running a yellow light? Let us bring you the full explanation on this issue. No, there is no specific penalty for running a yellow light, but you should know that there are EDS camera systems on the roads. These camera systems are a system that monitors you and takes your license plates when you do not comply with the specified rules. You may want to pass in a hurry when the yellow light is on, but if you are caught in the red light immediately afterwards, it will be reflected as a fine. In other words, if you pass through the red light without realizing it, the camera takes action according to what it sees, not what you see. And 2020 traffic fines have increased considerably. According to research, vehicles trying to pass directly through the yellow light in traffic can bring many accidents. What Do the Colors in Traffic Lights Mean? Red light means stop for vehicle drivers. Vehicle drivers must stop at red lights. At the red light at the traffic light, vehicle drivers are waiting with their cars while at the same time pedestrians and vehicles on other roads are allowed to pass. A yellow light means wait for both the vehicle driver and pedestrians. On the one hand, this gives the vehicle time to prepare for departure. Again, we emphasize that the yellow light is not a part of the system that lights up to allow vehicles to pass. Of course, many impatient vehicle drivers or impatient pedestrians may ignore this and cause many accidents. It is seen that yellow light accidents are very common in traffic. In fact, it is seen as the color that needs the most attention and where many accidents occur even today. Yellow color gives you a preparation time, not a pass. Green light means pass for vehicle drivers. Here, while pedestrians and drivers on other roads are waiting, the driving permit is based on the light. Traffic lights are positioned according to the system on that road, but there is definitely a traffic light system for the direction you will go. Traffic systems are a system applied to prevent incidents and chaos that may occur in the traffic flow. In the meantime, considering the green-red color blindness, red light in traffic lamp systems usually contains red lights, red lights contain some orange, green lights contain some blue tones. Green lighting is usually used by adding a blue lens to the yellow light.