How to Disinfect a Vehicle?

How is vehicle disinfection done? One of the issues that raises the question is the recent epidemic. Cars, where we spend almost most of our lives, can become a threat to our health. The reason for this is that many harmful harmless bacteria and viruses can enter through people getting into the vehicle or through you. Bacteria and viruses are creatures that can reproduce and multiply quite easily. Especially today, the coronavirus, which makes us understand the importance of cleanliness again, can be a great example of this. While bacteria and germs threaten our health significantly, we should know that the interior of the vehicle provides environments where bacteria and germs can reproduce quite easily. Even if you ventilate your vehicle regularly, ventilation alone will not be enough. Vehicle Disinfection Process Individuals who enter your vehicle or individuals you come into contact with can cause germs to enter you and your vehicle. Viruses that anyone in your vehicle carries in their hands and spreads into the air with factors such as coughing can pass into the ventilation system. And bacteria that can reproduce and multiply more in the ventilation system can enter the body with the air inside when the ventilation system works. These viruses can first affect your respiratory system, causing infections and many more known diseases. In short, especially the ventilation system of your car can become a disease-causing device. So how is vehicle disinfection done? In fact, many disinfection methods for the vehicle are available on the market, but what you should pay attention to is the provision of chemical-containing products that do not harm you and the individuals next to you during disinfection and then do not damage any place in the vehicle. While the fragrances used in the vehicle eliminate disturbing odors, they can harm your health. The vehicle, which is tried to be disinfected using cheap and poor quality chemicals, can create a cancer risk due to the chemicals used. These chemicals can enter your mouth and respiratory tract through your hands or other means and can cause many diseases. Disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology How is vehicle disinfection done? The most popular application of recent times that can be given to the question is disinfection using Nano Silver Ion Technology. Today, we see that modern and effective disinfection methods without chemical content have become quite widespread. One of these is disinfection with Nano Silver Ion Technology. It is applied to the entire area of the vehicle with the fogging process called ULV. All windows in the vehicle and must be closed. It is waited for 5 minutes for the fog vapor to settle. Then the indoor air feature for air conditioning is turned on and waited for a while longer. At the end of this process, the entire vehicle is ventilated and made ready for use. It is a very effective and simple application. It does not cause any stains or damage, and there is no need to go to the cleaning process for the vehicle again. The reason why it is so effective is that it destroys all microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses without calling them harmful or harmless. You can also eliminate all odors with a single process. As you know, many odors, from the smell of cigarettes to people's sweat odors, permeate the car and can cause great discomfort to the user during driving. The application is also effective against new viruses that may occur. It is an odor-free application. In other words, it removes the bad odor in the vehicle but does not leave any other odor. It does not contain any chemicals that can cause cancer or allergies.